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Adams set to unveil new drivers

Adams Golf is introducing the Speedline 9064LS and 4G Ultra-Lite drivers, which will be available Aug. 10 and 15. Both drivers are Adams' longest yet. The patent-pending aerodynamic shaping of the next-generation Speedline 9064LS driver creates less drag and airflow turbulence during the swing, resulting in faster clubhead speed.

The 9064LS line also has a deeper face and increased MOI for more forgiveness. The new features optimize launch conditions with 15 percent lower spin off the club face, thereby generating more distance. Coinciding with the launch of the 9064LS driver, the new Aldila RIP graphite shafts - Alpha for lower ball flight and Gamma for higher ball flight - will make their first appearance in the retail market with the 9064 series. The suggested retail price for the Speedline 9064LS drivers is $479.99.A distance fitting system (DFS) version of the Speedline 9064LS is also available that allows the consumer to adjust for not only face angle and loft but also for club length.

With the DFS, the head and shaft length on this special version of the 9064LS is adjustable and the consumer receives a kit with all the tools they need to optimize their driver to meet the demands of different conditions and specific swings. It also retails for $479.99.Weighing only 282 grams, the Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite drivers are designed for those whose swing speeds gain more distance with a lighter overall club weight. Maximum forgiveness on off-center hits come from a mid-spin and mid-launch off the face. Also critical to the Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite's performance is its 44-gram premium Mitsubishi Bassara shaft. The Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite is available in lofts of 10 and 12 degrees in regular flex and has a suggested retail of $479.99.

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Computer game allows play anywhere

Golf Challenge is a golf game you can play right on your computer's Internet browser whenever and wherever you want. The game has a variety of courses to conquer and is free to play. It recently launched on and was created by New York game development company Arkadium. You can get to the game directly at The game is simple to play and offers a quick tutorial before you play if you choose to watch it. To hit the ball, you need only to click once at the top of the backswing for power and once as the club reaches the ball for accuracy.