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In Da Club: Kryptonite reborn

SOUNDS | Kryptonite at The Afterdeck is a wide-open venue where you can throw back drinks, shake your booty and even get down in some foam. On any given night, you'll hear hip-hop, dance music and Top 40 remixes blaring out of the huge sound system. You can catch live performances a few times a month. The Ying Yang Twins recently played at the party place, and Kryptonite at The Afterdeck has some other big acts lined up for the summer. That's all I can say for now - they won't leak out the upcoming artist's names quite yet.

SIGHTS | One word to describe Kryptonite at The Afterdeck: party. It's a place where you can hang out and party and not feel like you're in a stuffy environment. Plus, it's known to be off-the-hook every night. The huge, open-air establishment sits on the Intracoastal Waterway. After renovations, it's now completely covered, so parties can continue rain or shine.

The locale centers around a large dance floor where colored lights shine down on the partiers, and there's a stage for the deejays and bands. Women show off their dance moves in several metal and bamboo cages throughout the joint. (Sorry guys, ladies only in the cages.) A wooden deck sits alongside the waterway with plastic chairs available for those who need to take a break from the dance floor. There are also a few open outdoor showers for sweaty dancers and foam party goers. If a shower's not enough to cool you off, feel free to hop in the pool located upstairs in the Pearl VIP lounge.

With white leather couches, red drapes and blue tables and floors, the area offers a South Beach pool-party style atmosphere.

The large venue can hold nearly 1,000 people and invites anyone ages 18-and-older. You'll find spring breakers, summer breakers, college kids and more inside. Most are in the 18-25 age range, but you'll see your occasional late-20s and older clientele. Dancers from Thee Dollhouse next door also frequent the club. Right now, the tourist-to-locals ratio is about 60 percent tourists and 40 percent locals, but the establishment is pushing for more locals - catering to them by offering free cover for locals 21-years-and-older and welcoming locals in the upstairs Pearl VIP lounge.

Weekend Kick-off Parties are held on Fridays and Saturdays. The high-energy atmosphere entices people to kick back and get crazy...but who needs a reason to party - it's the weekend. Then again, every night feels like a weekend night at Kryptonite at The Afterdeck. Each night of the week, there are festivities going on. Mondays are slammed during the promotion "Moscow Never Sleeps," a night geared towards Russians. Dance music and Russian mix beats fill the air as Russians (and Americans) tear up the dance floor. Expect to get wet on Tuesdays during a massive foam party. Half-naked bodies grind on the dance floor in a sea of white foam. If you prefer not to shed your clothes, forgot your bathing suit or just like to save bubbles for your bath, you can stay dry in the second floor lounge area that overlooks the dance floor. Thursdays get wet and wild, too, with wet T-shirt and wet boxer contests. Winners walk away with $500, and everyone walks away with mental images of good lookin' people showing off. Every Wednesday is College Night, but college wannabes, college neverbes and college used-to-bes are welcome, too. The club is closed on Sundays, giving you a chance to rest up for another week of non-stop chaos.

STORY | The Afterdeck has been a nightclub for more than 25 years, but the location has been a party spot for more than three decades. In 1974, the locale was called Dominic's, which changed to the Disco Deck in 1983. The establishment opened as The Afterdeck in 1984.

This year, Kryptonite teamed up with The Afterdeck to offer non-stop partying all summer. Kryptonite closed its night club at the former All-Star Café location off U.S. 17 Bypass at 29th Ave. North in Myrtle Beach after Halloween and is reportedly moving to a new location, but owners wanted to still offer a fun night club experience this summer before the new location opens. Kryptonite and The Afterdeck plan on partnering up again next summer, too, to offer the open-air, party atmosphere.

STYLE | Any attire is welcome at this party. You'll see everything from bathing suits to button-up shirts and slacks. Since it's a nightclub, plenty throw on their trendy, stylish clothes to make an appearance at Kryptonite at The Afterdeck. However, we are at the beach...and there is a pool - so bathing suits are absolutely welcome. Plus, the place is laid back enough that you'll feel comfortable wearing one. You'll especially want some board shorts or a bikini Tuesday nights during the foam party. And, on any given night, you can jump in the swimming pool upstairs in the Pearl VIP lounge.

SPENDING | When you arrive at Kryptonite at The Afterdeck, you'll be greeted by doormen checking your ID and collecting cover charge. It's a $10 cover charge for party-goers younger than 21 and $5 for people age 21 and older. Good news for locals - if you're 21-years-old or older, you get in free.

There are plenty of spots to snag a drink. You pass a tiki bar and bar tub girl when you walk in, a large bar is across from the dance floor, and the small bar upstairs in The Pearl VIP lounge. Most mixed drinks cost between $4 and $6, and you can snag $2.75 vodkas at the downstairs bar. (The Pearl VIP lounge drinks cost slightly more - they're made with higher-shelf liquors.) Drink specials always include $1 draft beer, $2.75 domestic beer bottles, $2 test tube shooters and $5 pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea and Sex on the Beach. Every Monday night during "Moscow Never Sleeps" house liquors are three bucks. Bottle service starts at $100 for a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka (most liquors offered) and is offered in the Pearl VIP lounge, as well as in a VIP seating area on a raised waterfront deck.

SITE | 9719 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach. Open 10 p.m. - 4 a.m. Monday through Friday, 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. Saturday. Visit or call 449-1515. For VIP reservations and bottle service call 602-3850.