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Do I look like Jesus? No, he walked on water so I don't have to. I will screw you over twice as badly and laugh.


I wish I wasn't hot. Then maybe I could've concentrated on stuff in school instead of being ADD with men that wanted to jump me. I seriously had to like petition the school to graduate me and have tutors write out tests for me in order to get a degree. I couldn't tell you what I studied in school. Sometimes being really pretty isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm serious.


THANK YOU to all the bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers who work so hard to take care of us here at the beach. I try to tip as best as I can, and really hope that others will be considerate and generous as well. PEOPLE! They are dependent on YOU for their livelihood.


After sweating my ass off all day working outside, there's nothing like turning on the Weather Channel and being told there's a heat advisory in effect. Wow! Would've never known.


I had to sue my ex to get my dog back. Then, in the process my parents read my ex's lengthy rap sheet which looked like a novel. I thought my parents were going to drop dead from the stress before we even went in the court house. To keep my parents alive and kicking I had to do something. I ended up settling before court. But...learning that I had been living with a convicted felon for two years created so much stress that it put my dad in the hospital anyway. (He's OK now). I want to know WHY so many girls around here will take so much crap from these skinny, dirty, tiny, lazy, uneducated, balding guys in their 30s who have no future and live with their mothers? I took a lot of crap, I thought it was normal. I now know it's not normal to get cussed out for leaving the TV on, it's not normal when your boyfriend grabs your neck and chokes you to wake you up every morning, it's not normal to be told you are worthless because you didn't bring his food fast enough, and when he cries like a little girl and says that he is sorry... he's not. I wasted so much time, I lost my dog, and I almost killed my father. How is this fair?