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Dispute over bloody pillowcase leads to man’s eviction from Myrtle Beach hotel

An N.C. man was evicted from a Myrtle Beach hotel after he got upset with management because of what he said was blood found on a pillowcase, according to a police report.

The 24-year-old of Misenheimer was removed from the Quality Inn and Suites at 1004 S. Ocean Blvd. after police were called for a guest complaining of blood found on the seam of a pillow case, police said.

The man told the hotel clerk he would report them for the incident after the clerk offered to move the man to another room or have the linen changed in the room, according to the report released Monday. The man said he found a red spot on the pillowcase and it appeared to be blood.

The man was evicted after officials discovered the pillowcase in question did not match any other in the room, according to the report. The man also said the clerk scratched him when he tried to take the pillowcase.