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Man removed from Myrtle Beach hotel after complaint about services

A 23-year-old man from Elgin was asked to leave a Myrtle Beach hotel after police were called because he demanded a refund because of elevator problems and the quality of the hotel, according to a police report.

The front desk clerk of the Sandcastle at 1802 N. Ocean Blvd. called police to report the man was yelling and threatening him so the man locked the door to the office, police said. A witness told police the visitor kicked the door, which caused it to separate from the hinges.

Another witness told police the man was loud and abusive toward the clerk and pounded his fist on the counter, according to the report. The man was not at the office when police arrived, but he did return and was uncooperative with officers.

Police planned to get surveillance video of the incident from the hotel.