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Crime blotter | Horry County

Gun call | Horry County police responded to a call about a gun at an athletic field in the Conway area and found two men arguing about their ice cream trucks.

One man said he was driving down the parking lot to set up his truck when the second ice cream truck driver, who was on top of his truck, started yelling at him, used profanity and appeared to be reaching for something, the victim said. The victim said the driver of the parked truck said, "You've got a problem? Let's take care of this," and threatened him, according to the incident report. The second driver said he was selling ice cream when the other driver approached, began yelling at him, then got out and tried to pull him from his truck, causing an injury to his shin. Their stories were conflicting and the people standing by said they saw an argument but nothing else.

Fraud | A man, his girlfriend and her mother went into a Myrtle Beach pawnshop where the girlfriend found a ring she liked, police said. The woman wanted to trade two of her rings to get it and asked her boyfriend to put his Rolex in to trade with them. He started to "shy away," saying the watch was a gift.

Two employees heard him say that the Rolex was fake, but apparently thought he did not want to trade it, and since their superior thought it was real after checking it, the employees said nothing about what they heard.

The pawnshop bought the watch and the money from it on the trade. The watch's owner never told the store manager it was a fake, but it later was found to be. When contacted, the man, from Belton, told an employee he would be back in the area and work it out. But the girlfriend told another employee that the store "screwed up," and she would not return the ring or make restitution for the watch. The business has heard no more from the girlfriend or the boyfriend. The case was to be presented to a magistrate later.

Verbal threat | A Garden City woman, 30, said her ex-boyfriend, 42, threatened to kill her and her new boyfriend. She told Horry County police he had called and said he would put a bullet in both their heads. She asked him if that was a threat and he said it was a promise, police said. She said he also said he had just gotten out of jail for assaulting two people and "didn't care anymore." The ex-boyfriend lives near the woman and she said she feared for the safety of herself and her child because he is a former police officer.

She said he was currently out of town and sends his friends and relatives to her home to take pictures of the vehicles and tags that her male friends may be driving. She said he also has made comments about how he monitors her Facebook information. She did not want to prosecute, but wanted documentation, and requested that the officers not contact the ex-boyfriend.