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Myrtle Beach man featured on America’s Most Wanted arrested

A Myrtle Beach man convicted in absentia of using a date rape drug to sexually assault a woman in 1998 has been found in a Florida jail, according to an update by America’s Most Wanted.

In December 2001, an Horry County jury convicted Michael Wilson of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping during a three-day trial, but Wilson fled before the trial was complete. It was one of the state’s first convictions involving gamma hydroxybutyrate, or GHB, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Following the jury’s verdict, Circuit Court Judge Edward Cottingham sentenced Wilson, but sealed the sentence until authorities captured Wilson.

The conviction stemmed from charges that on Sept. 30, 1998, Wilson put GHB in a woman's drink, prosecutors said. The woman passed out and Wilson then put the woman in his car and drove her to his home in the Flintlake Subdivision.

At his home, Wilson sexually assaulted the woman and photographed the incident, according to authorities.

Horry County police Sgt. Robert Kegler said Wednesday that in August 1998, detectives investigated a juvenile being raped by a man in a Flintlake apartment.

Wilson did not have a prior criminal record and must serve 85 percent of his sentence.

On Monday, authorities learned that Wilson, who was using the alias Robert Brewer, was booked into the Palm Beach County, Fla., jail on July 2, according to the television show’s update. Wilson, under the name Brewer, was charged with third-degree vehicle theft, failure to appear in court and resisting arrest.

When Florida authorities checked Brewer's fingerprints, they learned he was Wilson and wanted in Myrtle Beach.