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Animal Tales | All about Huston

Huston came about his name in an unusual way. While waiting for him to be born, his breeders were watching the movie "Apollo 13." When he was born, he was supposed to have beautiful black and white markings. What a surprise when he came out all black! One of the breeders muttered "Houston, we have a problem," and the name stuck. The letter "o" was dropped because to register him with the American Paint Horse Association, the name was limited to 20 letters. I fell in love with Huston from the first minute I laid eyes on him. As he grew older, his coat changed from black to gray to white with flecks of brown. We now ride on the beach and on the trails in Hobcaw Barony. Last year, Huston survived serious surgery for colic. I am thankful that he survived, and our bond is greater than ever!