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Crime blotter

Burglary | A Socastee area man, 65, told Horry County police that a 26-year-old man went into his shop area, and he later noticed some items missing, including a weed trimmer. The younger man called someone in the older man's family and said he purchased the weed-eater from an unknown man for $10, and said if the victim wanted it back, he could have it for $10.

Officers went to the younger man's home but no one answered the door. Later that night, the younger man called police and said the older man, accompanied by several other people, came to his house, stood on the roadway, pointed a shotgun at him and demanded he give it back.

He gave it back and the older man left. He said he never would have bought the weed trimmer if he had known it was stolen. According to the report, he sounded very nervous and said he was not at his residence. He gave an officer conflicting information about who he bought the tool from. He said he could not have any more charges on him because of his job and asked the officer several times how to make the matter go away.

The next day, the older man called police and said the younger man was calling his family members threatening to make their lives a "living hell" if they did not make the charges go away, and was sending lewd messages. He said the younger man also said he had only stolen the trimmer and nothing else, and offered to pay him $1,000 if charges were dropped. The case was to be presented to a magistrate.

Breach of trust | A Carolina Forest area man, 31, said he loaned his car to a male neighbor, 35, to run some errands and fill out job applications. The car's owner said the neighbor returned his car and his keys. The owner soon left with friends in another vehicle.

A couple of hours later, the owner got a call from Myrtle Beach police informing him that his car was in a Wal-Mart parking lot and the neighbor was going to jail for shoplifting. Before taking his car home, the owner said the neighbor did not have permission to take the car the second time and must have had a key made earlier since he had the keys with him. The neighbor said he did not take the car without consent, that the owner gave him the keys and that he called the owner and asked if he could drive it to Wal-Mart.

Solicitation | Someone called Horry County police after seeing a man, 47, standing by the road in the Surfside Beach area with a cardboard sign that read "Single dad with two kids. Need Help." He was still there when an officer arrived and was taken into custody and transported to the jail in Surfside Beach.

After running a check on him, the officer learned that the man was wanted in Georgia for probation violations. Georgia law enforcement requested he be held and extradited to Georgia.

Disorderly conduct | Horry County police responded to a call in Garden City Beach about a man, 43, who was being disorderly and starting fights at Sam's Corner. Officers found the Springfield, Ohio man, who appeared to be intoxicated, on the sidewalk being boisterous. He appeared unsteady on his feet and was argumentative with others. He asked the officer, "Who the hell are you and what government entity are you a member of?" He was arrested.