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Georgetown police investigate home invasion

Two Georgetown County men told police two men broke into their home and shot a hole in the floor while they robbed them of cash, according to a police report.

The men, ages 35 and 28, told police the robbers kicked open their door and stormed inside the home just after midnight Tuesday at 66 Dana Lane, police said.

The men told police they were attacked by the robbers and sprayed with mace in the face, according to the report. The older man said he tried to run away from the robbers, but they followed and assaulted him before they stole his wallet.

The man said he heard two gunshots as he ran to hide in a closet and he found a hole in the floor after the robbers had left the house, according to the report. The younger man told police when the robbers left the house he ran out the door to a neighbor to call police.

A neighbor told police he saw a pickup truck leaving the home after the incident, which is under investigation, police said.