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New golf products to the market (July 8)

Sharpen your short game with Lefty

Phil Mickelson's instructional video " Phil Mickelson: Secrets of the Short Game," is available to millions of cable customers around the country. The two-hour program premiered simultaneously on Video On Demand (VOD) and in both Standard and High Definition Pay-Per-View (PPV). Mickelson said the goal of the program is to help golfers build a foundation so their practice time directly correlates to improved scoring. Secrets of the Short Game features a one-on-one approach. Mickelson instructs the audience with casual demonstrations and his welcoming candor. He breaks down the techniques that made him successful. The types of shots covered in the program include putting, chipping, flop shots, bunker play and other specialty shots.

The program featuring the four-time major winner and reigning Masters champion is distributed by iN Demand LLC, and the company's president, Bob Benya, said it's the first time that PPV and VOD cable television customers will be able to access such high level instruction from a player of Mickelson's caliber. The program will be available on most cable systems around the country at a suggested price of $19.99. It is rated TV-G. Locate PPV offerings and order the special from a cable system's "PPV Event" channels or find it by going VOD airings will be located in cable system's Events on Demand or other On Demand channels. Replays should be available throughout summer and fall.

Company brings union to wedge, putter

Herbie's One Putt Wedge is an innovative wedge-putter hybrid was created to make the short game easier. It was conceived by inventor Herb Hyman and created and built by club designer Kit Mungo. The club's design integrates the mass and weight associated with mallet putters along with the flange and sharp leading edge of the traditional sand wedge, allowing players to effortlessly hit a variety of shots from the fairway, fringe, deep rough, shallow rough and sand.

Herbie's One Putt Wedge is practical for any shot inside of 100 yards. The club features 48 degrees of loft, but its design makes it practical for shots ranging from 8-iron chips to sand wedge explosions from a bunker to high, soft-landing shots. The club is designed to keep the hands forward of the ball and promote a pendulum stroke that is easily repeatable. The One Putt Wedge is fully conforming and approved by the United States Golf Association. Herbie's One Putt Wedge retails for $139. It is available at for both men and women.