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Man charged with burglary of handgun from Myrtle Beach hotel

Myrtle Beach Police arrested a man who admitted to stealing a handgun because he needed money to get home.

Sherrod Murray of Salters was arrested Friday on a burglary charge, according to a police report.

A man who was staying at the Palmetto Shores Hotel went to dinner Friday night and came back to find that his Ruger P-95 9MM handgun, with a loaded magazine and holster, was missing from the nightstand drawer where he had left it, according to a police report.

The man said that Murray, who he had met earlier in the day, had been hanging out in the room with him and his friends but did not have permission to be in the room when they were out.

Initially when the police questioned Murray he said he did not take the gun and was just waiting for his friend who works at the hotel to give him a ride.

The hotel employee was questioned and said he didn't know anything about the gun but gave police permission to search his car, where they found the stolen gun underneath the passenger's seat, according to the report.

Murray then walked over and said he had put the gun there without his friend's knowledge. In a statement Murray said he went back to the room to ask the men he had met if he could stay there because he had no place to go. When they weren't there he went into the room and took the gun because he thought he could sell it to get money to go home, according to the report.