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Myrtle Beach woman charged with prostitution

A Myrtle Beach woman was arrested on a prostitution charge in an undercover operation.

Paula Cody of South Ocean Boulevard was arrested July 1 after getting into an unmarked car with an undercover police officer and offering him sex in exchange for money, according to a police report.

The officer was approached by Cody in a Food Lion parking lot where the woman asked him if he wanted to spend time with her. She left to go to the liquor store and walked down the street. The officer followed her and said he thought she was going to come back.

The woman then asked the officer if he wanted to give her a ride. She got into the car, asked the officer if he was a police officer, and after he said no she asked him what he wanted.

As they were driving they agreed to a price of $30 for sex or $50 for anal sex, at which point the officer signaled another police officer who was following him and the car was pulled over, according to police.

Cody was arrested on a second offense prostitution charge because she was previously convicted of prostitution in January 2009.