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Police | Woman reports boyfriend caused her to fall off motorcycle

Criminal domestic violence | A Surfside woman, 47, told Horry County police officers that she was injured by her boyfriend, 26, two days earlier when he “pressed the gas quickly,” causing her to fall off of his motorcycle. The woman, who appeared highly intoxicated, then said her boyfriend pushed her off the motorcycle and sped away. She went back and forth between the two versions several times. She said she called police after she went to his work place to ask for some of her things back that she had given him for safekeeping and he refused to give them back until “tomorrow.” She had visible injuries, said she was in pain and had slept for two days, but initially refused medical help. She was having difficulty breathing and was transported to a hospital for medical attention. She said she had dated the man for a year, but did not know his exact address.

Shoplifting | Horry County police officers responded to the Surfside Wal-Mart after an unknown male and female, approximately 18, took a computer. A store employee said the couple walked around the store with the computer for several minutes, and then the female went out and waited in a vehicle for the male to go out of a fire exit with the computer. The employee said there is video of the incident, and of a previous incident when the same couple took three 22- inch televisions in the same way. Watching the video, the employee noticed another person who talked with the male before the incident and the officer was to follow up with that person. The employee also said that a person previously arrested for shoplifting at the Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart claimed to know the subjects who took the televisions and the computer.

Breach of peace | After responding to the possible larceny of a basketball goal and loud noise in Conway, a Horry County police officer arrested a man, 20, for breach of peace. According to the report, the man’s father told the officer that his son and some friends dragged the goal from next door and started playing basketball at about 10 p.m. The father advised them to stop because of the time and the noise, and the son refused. The next-door neighbor asked them to stop, and the residents across the street told them they were keeping their baby awake. The son started walking down the street and met the police officer, who asked where he got the basketball goal. He said his friend gave it to him. The officer told him that several neighbors were now up because of him causing a disturbance and arrested him.