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I just moved here from Chicago. These dating Web sites here are horrible! Are they real?


Sober driver harassed; I did my neighbor a favor because he was intoxicated. I had to drive him to the bank, we left car repair shop (not the bar next door), heading to the bank. The police officer followed us toward the bank, I had no worries because I was sober. I came to a yellow light and proceeded. Because she was so close, I could not stop....She pulled me over and insisted that we had not left the bar, which is next to the garage. She said she smelled alcohol. I told her the passenger was intoxicated and I was driving and she insisted that I take a field sobriety test, I requested a breathalyzer and she said she didn't have one! I asked for another police officer to bring one and she said no that I would have to go to J. Ruben to take one (the car would be towed and I would be stuck in Conway). So I took the test in 90-degree weather on the side of 501 with cars honking, sweating profusely. She said I failed the eye test, of course I did because I kept wiping my face to get the sweat off and the sun out of my eyes. I asked for a breathalyzer again and she said she couldn't produce one! Is it not required of a police officer accusing a citizen of being intoxicated and performing a field sobriety test to have the necessary equipment to perform said test? When I failed the field test I suggested that another officer may be able to bring a breathalyzer and was refused. Obviously if I had been intoxicated I would not have been so eager to perform the breathalyzer test. So she says she gonna give me the benefit of the doubt and just give me a ticket for running a red light (which was yellow) that cost $155 and adds points and insurance goes up. She then said I couldn't drive because it's a liability! Can't drive for running a yellow light. I had 5 minutes to get someone to pick us up otherwise the car would've gotten towed, good thing I had someone close by. All of this happened in the middle of the day, during the hottest time of the afternoon. I'm not writing this letter to voice a grievance only on my part, but also to ensure that in the future other drivers are not accused of the same offense and put through the same hoops without just cause.


Two points to ponder: Our local experts assure us that if the Gulfstream brings oil up to our area they know how to cope with the problem. Why haven't they rushed to the Gulf to nip this problem in the bud? AND the Coast Guard has assured everyone that in the event of a tropical storm they will be able to act to safeguard the ships and lives of those who are working on the problem as we speak. PEOPLE! You haven't done diddly squat so far, so we should take your word for this, huh? We are in deep doo-doo, people. Our government has told us they have the situation in hand. What a f--kin' joke !