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Police | Conway woman reports threats by husband in Mexico

Harassment | A Conway woman, 41, told Horry County police officers that she informed her husband,30, who lives in Mexico, that she was filing for a divorce. He got angry and started threatening and harassing her by phone. She said he told her that he was going to make her life miserable, was going to take the kids away, and that he was going to have someone “knock her off.” He also said, “I’ll swim back across to get you if you do this.” The woman said she is afraid for herself and her children.

Criminal domestic violence | When Horry County police officers responded to a domestic violence call in Garden City, a woman, 44, said she and her newlywed husband, 41, had been arguing all day. She said she had been miserable since the day she married him. During the argument, she advised him that she was leaving so she could continue to drink, and he “pinched her cheek.” She went across the street to a friend’s house, and she said she would be staying there. She had no visible injuries and he denied any physical altercation. Officers planned to present the case to a magistrate.

Shoplifting | After being caught shoplifting at K-Mart in Murrells Inlet, two females, ages 18 and 17, admitted to the thefts. When a Horry County police officer asked why they were stealing, they said they were “stupid and greedy.” A loss prevention employee watched the girls put items in their purses. The older girl had curtains and a shirt valued at $36.97, and the younger one had cosmetics valued at $75.49. The employee also found items stolen from J.C. Penney in the older girl’s purse. The girls said they had emptied their purses in the car they were driving before going inside so they would have room for the items they planned to steal, and had left their IDs there. They were placed into custody and taken to Surfside jail.

Burglary | A Surfside man, 26, reported that someone broke into his apartment and stole his handgun while he was at work. The responding Horry County police officer saw signs of forceful entry. The man said he had an argument with another man who lives on the third floor that morning after the other man asked him to take him to a store before he went to work and he refused. He said the other man said, “Don’t be surprised if something happens.” The man who lost his gun said the other man’s wife just left him, that he has no money, abuses prescription drugs, grows cannabis on his porch, and that he knew where the handgun was kept.

Financial transaction fraud | A Carolina Forest woman, 72, told a Horry County police officer that another woman, 18, came to her house representing a company that sells cleaning solutions and sold her a cleaner. She said she made an error on the first check she wrote, wrote another one and gave it to the younger woman, intending to void the first one. Somehow, the younger woman also got the first check, forged the woman’s signature, made it out for $374.96 and cashed it.