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Myrtle Beach police charge N.J. man with breaking taxi door, fighting

A New Jersey man was charged with fighting and breaking a taxi door off its hinge outside a Myrtle Beach attraction, according to a police report.

Jose Luis Ceballos, 25, of Hamilton, N.J., was charged with destruction of personal property, fighting and public intoxication after police were called about 9 p.m. Wednesday to Hard Rock Café at Broadway at the Beach, police said.

A driver for Beachside Diamond A-Taxi told police he was dispatched to the location for a pickup and was met by seven people so he called for another taxi to respond, according to the report. The man said he saw two men arguing and one of them got inside the cab the other stood at the door and argued with the man.

The man, who stood outside the cab, Ceballos slammed the taxi door and the driver told him not to slam the door, according to the report. The driver said Ceballos slammed the door again, which caused it to break off the hinge.

The men inside the vehicle got out and Ceballos began to fight with the man he had argued with, according to the report.