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Why the heck don't the congested streets of the Grand Strand have shoulders on the road? No wonder obesity is such a problem, there is nowhere to jog! And no wonder there are so many accidents here, no shoulder to veer off on to! Only other cars! This really grinds my gears.


All the Democrats are upset because unknown Alvin Green won the Democratic Primary. Maybe this is in itself a form of protest because people just think ANYONE is better than the people running things now.


Has the general public lost its ability to speak and write proper English? It seems that 80 percent of the people I meet have no clue how to correctly spell even the most simple words, and their grammar is just as bad, if not worse! Not to mention how most people here butcher the English language. Even the dedicating stone at the new Myrtle Beach Boardwalk has a huge grammar error. I know our educational systems here ranks in the bottom 5 of the nation, but it is not rocket science, it is proper English! Are all of you proud that this area has a reputation for being illiterate, trashy, and unintelligent?

{Editor's note: This submission improperly used an apostrophe and other punctuation, but we corrected it.)


This may seem more like a question, but is there a denim shortage happening that I am unaware of? It seems that people do not buy jean shorts anymore but denim underwear which they find perfectly OK to wear out in public. Whether it is the developing 12-year-girl or the 200-pound woman. Do these young girls have mothers with any morals or do these larger ladies have mirrors? Please put some clothes on unless you are going to the beach or a pool - the general public doesn't need to see that much of your backside. Sincerely, over the ass cheeks.