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Gilland found guilty of traffic charge

Horry County Council Chairwoman Liz Gilland said this afternoon she asked for a jury trial today in Horry County Magistrate's Court for a charge of making an illegal u-turn, "which was probably the wrong thing to do because he found me guilty."

The charge was changed in court to disregarding a traffic sign, she said, and she paid a fine of $81 for the infraction.

Gilland said she asked for a jury trial because she did not feel it was fair to ask one person to decide the case over which there has been a lot of publicity.

Gilland said she was traveling south on U.S. 17 near Myrtle Beach International Airport, intending to exit onto Harrelson Boulevard. But the road was closed, and she went to the first crossover and made a u-turn there. She said the sign forbidding u-turns was not before the intersection, as she is accustomed to on U.S. 501. By the time she saw the sign, she said she was turning north on U.S. 17 and concentrating more on the oncoming traffic than the sign.

She said she won't appeal the magistrate's decision.