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Police blotter | Carolina Forest, Conway, Loris

Traffic stop | A Horry County officer stopped a vehicle with no tag lights at 2 a.m. in Loris. The officer was talking with the female driver when the female passenger said she needed to go to the hospital for chest pains, and that was the reason they were out. She said she needed an ambulance, so the officer called for one. Medics took her to Loris Hospital and she immediately walked out the front door. A Loris police officer located her walking down the street. The driver said the passenger had crack cocaine on her earlier and had said, “If the cops pull us over, tell them you’re taking me to the hospital.” The driver was arrested for no valid driving license and no tag light. The passenger was arrested for giving false information.

Fraud | A Carolina Forest woman, 70, told Horry County police officers that she got a phone call from a man who said his name was Peter Johnson, that he was with Medicare, and that she was eligible for a motorized wheel chair. All he needed was her basic information, he said. She said she usually does not give out information on the phone but believed the man and gave him her full name, address and Medicare number, which is the same as a social security number. Later, realizing she may have been scammed, she called the number the man gave her, and the person who answered said they had no idea what she was talking about.

Shoplifting | Am employee of a Carolina Forest grocery store called Horry County police about a man who was in the store stuffing steaks down his pants. The man had $70 worth of steaks and was trying to leave the store when an employee stopped him. The employee said the man was there a couple of nights earlier and was taking meat products. The man was issued a citation but was not taken into custody due to severe medical illnesses.

Suspicious activity | A Conway convenience store employee told Horry County police that she had closed the store and there was a car in the parking lot that had been there a long time. The man driving it had banged on the door several times and was asked to leave. The responding officer asked the man for ID and he handed him an “international driver’s license.” While answering the officer’s questions, the man said he was waiting for a friend, knew where his friend lived but did not know why he did not meet at his friend’s house. He said he was an electrician and that the vehicle was his work vehicle. He also said the vehicle belonged to a friend. He told two officers different stories about where he was coming from and gave other inconsistent answers. Officers ran the tag and found that the vehicle belonged to him. They also smelled alcohol and saw unopened containers of beer.

A canine officer was called and the dog alerted on the driver and passenger side doors. Officers searched and found $4,000 on the passenger seat bundled in bill bands, and found $4,000 in the trunk. The man gave different explanations about the money and finally said it was his wife’s money. Narcotics officers seized the money.