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You know how we thin out the deer population because there are too many? Well, I think a lot of those people who are assholes in restaurants and who don't tip need to be thinned out as well. Really if you think about it, what good are these people to the world? All they do is take up space and air and no one would really miss them. They are really a drain on the whole global economy. Maybe they should be deported to an island even.


Thank you to the S.C. Supreme Court for overturning the helmet law in Myrtle Beach. Maybe now the state leaders should start investigating as to what is really going on with the city leaders of Myrtle Beach and all the corruption that is going on. If Mayor Rhodes and other city leaders do not want rallies in this city, then what the hell are you doing in office? The bike rallies are a part of Myrtle Beach and they help support the businesses in the city. So for all those that are against both bike rallies, either support the bikers or get the hell out of the town. The old saying goes: "If it's too loud, then you're too old."


The restaurant where I work had a party of 14 people a few days ago. The party was in honor of the grandma's 90th birthday. She came in the restaurant holding onto/ pushing one of those wheelchairs, in which sat her equally old and frail husband. I was helping to deliver some food to the table later on, when I saw the old lady staring into her husband's eyes and stroking his cheek. I was mesmerized by the moment, so I kind of just froze. I guess the birthday girl must have felt me looking at her, because she looked up, smiled at me and said, "I just love this man so much!" I still get all teary-eyed just thinking about this lovely, wonderful couple. They must have been married for approximately 70 years. And they still have love and tenderness for each other. And here I get pissed off when my husband forgets to take the trash out! God bless them. And my husband.