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Animal Tales | All about Fluffy and Mr. Whiskers

When I gave my son, Jacob, a dog for his 6th birthday, I told him that he could name her. To my chagrin, he named her Fluffy.

About two years later, we rescued a tiny kitten from under a neighbor's deck and brought her home. Again, I let my son name our new pet and he named him Mr. Whiskers. While this was more appropriate, today when we introduce the two of them together, people look at Fluffy's whiskers and at how fluffy Mr. Whiskers is and just shake their heads like, "What the heck were they thinking with those names?"

The bond that has formed between Fluffy and Mr. Whiskers these past seven years is very interesting. When we travel, they travel in the same crate and often sleep together at home. They also share the same water bowl and the same bed.