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New golf products to the market (June 10)

Hit it like a pro

TaylorMade Golf has launched a TP version of its Burner SuperFast driver to the public after making it available to tour pros since March. The Burner SuperFast TP features an aerodynamic head shape that promotes more clubhead speed, expansive clubface and slightly open clubface alignment. The inner side of the clubface incorporates TaylorMade's Inverted Cone Technology, which promotes faster ball speed on off-center hits. The driver also incorporates TaylorMade's Dual-Crown technology, which both lowers and pulls back the center of gravity to promote a higher launch angle and less spin, and is finished entirely in black, including the sole and clubface. It features a tour-inspired crown graphic.

Critical to the Burner SuperFast TP driver's performance are its new Matrix shaft configurations, which promote a piercing ball flight and a stable feel. The Matrix HD6 (65 grams) shaft is in the S and X flexes, while the Matrix XCON 5 (54 grams) is the standard R-flex shaft. At 46 inches in length, Burner SuperFast promotes a wide swing arc to promote increased clubhead speed. It is available in right-handed lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees, and a 9.5-degree loft in a left-handed model. It became available May 15 at a retail price of $349. Call 1-866-530-8624 or visit

Launch it from the fairway

Cobra Golf's Baffler Rail Fairway is a new class of long-game performance clubs for players seeking maximum forgiveness, power and control from the fairway. The Rail Fairway is a complement to the existing Baffler Rail Hybrid. Cobra's Baffler Rail Fairway features a sleek-looking, 17-4 steel clubhead that has a thin, high-strength 465 maraging steel clubface designed to increase ball speed and distance. Cobra says the elongated clubface and low-profile head result in a low, deep center of gravity to help golfers launch the ball with ease. A thin, lightweight maraging steel face promotes faster ball speed and allows for 10 percent of the weight to be strategically repositioned low and back, for improved launch characteristics and an expanded sweet zone. A high Moment of Inertia provides forgiveness.

The new four-way rail sole is designed to help the club move effortlessly through turf - to provide more consistent ball contact and improved control. The Baffler Rail Fairway features a premium, high-performance Fujikura Motore shaft for distance and control and a Lamkin grip. The Cobra Baffler Rail Fairways retail for $185 per club and are available in 15.5-, 18- and 20-degree models. A women's model is available in 18-. 20- and 22-degree models with Fujikura Baffler Rail F graphite shafts and Golf Pride grips. It became available in June. Visit or call 1-800-917-3300.