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House District 1 candidates

Carroll Campbell III

Age | 46

Address | Charleston

Occupation | head of governmental affairs consulting firm.

Education | graduated from Newberry College

Civic and political experience | past member, treasurer and secretary of the State Ports Authority's board, Member of the South Carolina Economic Development Association, the University of South Carolina's Board of Visitors, the Newberry College Board of Trustees, the board of directors for the Richland Memorial Hospital Center for Cancer Treatment, the board of directors for Ducks Unlimited, NRA, and Past Chairman of the Palmetto Alzheimer's Association Board of Directors.

Military | None

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Complete I-73, dredge the port of Georgetown, expand U.S. 521

Eliminate a percentage of payroll tax on new hires, pass H.R. 3307 to protect the livelihood of South Carolina fishermen, promote tourism, repeal government-mandated health care, energy independence

Illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars a year. If the federal government isn't enforcing the laws, then states should have the right to do so.

Determine what happened in the gulf, but take an all of the above energy approach, which includes offshore drilling.

Yes, part of his 10 point plan to create jobs; will fight to get it to the top of the federal highway funding priority list

Ken Glasson

Age | 46

Address | Mount Pleasant

Occupation | life insurance agent

Education | Bachelors degree from Glassboro State College, N.J. and an MBA from Averett University in Danville, Va.

Civic and political experience | Mount Pleasant Town Council, 2006-present. Reserve Liason for the Toys for Tots program for the tri-county area, Mount Pleasant youth sports coach, lead usher Seacoast Christian Community Church

Military | Lt. Col. in the Marine Corps with 30 years active duty and reserve duty.

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Create an entity where citizens can communicate directly with him, immigration, I-73/tourism

Remove barriers at the national level to allow the free market, governor to create growth

Seal borders, send illegal immigrants back; done at state level if can't accomplish at national level

In favor of offshore drilling, study current spill

Yes, studied the plans, believes with some work can be passed

Katherine Jenerette

Age | 41

Address | North Myrtle Beach

Occupation | Adjunct professor of history

Education | bachelor's degree from Coastal Carolina University; master's degree from University of South Carolina

Civic and political experience | U.S. Congressional Field Representative 1st District, SC; North Myrtle Beach Planning Commissioner; North Myrtle Beach Mayors Advisory Council; Horry County Planning Commission Envision 2025 Committee

Military | Army Reserve Officer - Paratrooper

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Create jobs through small business growth and tax reductions, promote tourism, build infrastructure with I-73 and a bi-state regional airport with N.C.

Get federal government out of businesses and stop taxing people's hard earned income.

Congress is responsible but refuses to take responsibility for the problem.

No drilling, too risky until all the facts from the recent disaster are available.

Yes, what needs to happen is federal dollars need to get a jump start.

Larry Kobrovsky

Age | 55

Address | Sullivan's Island

Occupation | Lawyer

Education | Bachelor's degree in history from Haverford College, Haverford, Pa.; law degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York City

Civic and political experience | Charleston County School Board (1993-98); governor's initial appointee for the South Carolina Statewide Charter School Board; served as a member of board of directors for a private school; annual sponsor of a Constitutional Essay in Charleston County.

Military | none

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Beach re-nourishment, support for critical harbor dredging and water projects, and completing I-73 and other road projects

The Fair Tax will increase job growth and personal wealth. I will support the fishing and tourism industries, support I-73.

Supports state laws similar to Ariz., no amnesty for illegal immigrants or their children; English only for governmental documents

Supports energy independence, not risking $18 billion tourism and fishing industries, aggressive development of domestic energy, and drill off shore in ways that are proven to be safe

I-73 is critical for economic growth and safety in times of emergency. Supports national infrastructure spending, and fair share of the gas taxes

Mark Lutz

Age | 46

Address | Mount Pleasant

Occupation | partner in health care software company

Education | graduated from Porter-Gaud, 1982; bachelor's degree from Amherst College, 1986; MBA from Syracuse University in 1988

Civic and political experience | None.

Military | none

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Getting a new representative for the Grand Strand, a veterans hospital and helping keep money in the Grand Strand rather than sending it to Washington

Create fair tax system, reduce regulations and reduce uncertainty for businesses caused by federal policymaking

Opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty; existing laws must be enforced, should be done at federal level but can be at state level because of federal inaction

Supports drilling and all energy alternatives, but must study spill

Initially no, federal government policies and spending must be fixed first.

Clark B. Parker

Age | 56

Address | Myrtle Beach

Occupation | CPA

Education | bachelor's degree, Coastal Carolina University

Civic and political experience | volunteer auditor for the annual American Heart Association Heart Ball; former chairman of the CCU board of trustees; former chairman of the Horry County Higher Education Commission; former chairman of the CCU alumni association; past-president of the South Carolina Tax Council; co-founder and current treasurer of Friendship Medical Clinic, a free clinic for underprivileged families.

Military | none

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Bring new corporations for job growth, expand tourism and retirement industries, having an Horry County Congressman

Create the Coastal Economic Development Alliance with local, state and economic leaders, creating a standard for new businesses

It can absolutely be handled on the state level if the federal government chooses not to enforce its own laws

Statewide referendum to have oil companies present their ideas, and give voters a say in moving forward

I-73 needs to be packaged as a single bill and advanced within cost to help promote economic and other planning for the district

Tim Scott

Age | 44

Address | North Charleston

Occupation | entrepeneur

Education | Charleston Southern University, 1988

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Slash spending, support I-73, storm water runoff projects, Health Sciences Infrastructure at CCU, beach re-nourishment and Port Dredging

Would change policy for less spending, lower taxes and less bureaucracy, building I-73, supporting alternative energy industries

Co-sponsored S.C. bill against illegal immigration; believes it's a national security and economic issue that the federal government has failed on

Reduce dependence on foreign oil, not overreact to spill by continuing exploration, but make sure it doesn't happen again

Work to make I-73 a higher priority, work to get on the Congressional Transportation committee, emphasize importance for economy and for safety

Paul Thurmond

Age | 34

Address | James Island

Occupation | lawyer and businessman

Education | bachelor of science in organizational development, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN; University of South Carolina School of Law

Civic and political experience | Charleston County Council, 2007-present; staff assistant to U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson on the Governmental Affairs Committee; law clerk for the State House Judiciary Committee under Jim Harris; board member for the Strom Thurmond Foundation for scholarship assistance; former board member Charleston Area Rapid Transit Authority; board member for Charleston County Council Economic Development Committee; member of Council of Governments for Berkeley and Charleston counties; former board member on Charleston area aviation authority;

Military | None

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I-73, beach nourishment, ocean outfalls, expansion of the convention center and airport, a veterans hospital

Across the board tax cuts to allow people to keep more income and allow businesses to hire again; remove government regulation and interference

Supports S.C. following Ariz. with state law, building fence, English as national language, and deporting illegal immigrants

Supports exploration with stronger safety measures, and consideration of other industries like tourism and fishing

Will request to be on the Congressional Transportation Committee and work with rest of delegation to get the needed federal investment

Stovall Witte

Age | 60

Address | Hanahan

Occupation | former chief of staff for Rep. Henry Brown and vice president for Advancement and Marketing at Charleston Southern University

Education | bachelor's degree from The Citadel; two master's degrees from Florida Institute of Technology, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Civic and political experience | Six years of experience as a senior staff member on Capital Hill, member of the board of directors of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, Coastal Carolina Boy Scouts of America, Campus Outreach and the Palmetto Family Council.

Military | retired Army lieutenant colonel

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I-73, dredging the Intracoastal Waterway and Georgetown Harbor, ocean outfalls

Lower taxes and fewer regulations will stimulate growth

Illegal immigration is a national security issue; if the federal government would do its job, states wouldn't need to pass own laws

Oil drilling must continue, but we should ensure accountability.

Yes, using his Capitol Hill experience