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Governor Republican candidates

Each candidate was asked, "Most voters say job creation is their No. 1 concern. How will you help this state create more jobs?"

Gresham Barrett

Age | 48

Occupation | U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District

Personal | Married; three children

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Answer | In January, I unveiled a detailed, comprehensive business plan to put South Carolina back to work. We will take immediate action to fill the thousands of jobs currently available in South Carolina, overhaul the Department of Commerce, provide comprehensive tax and incentive reform, reduce discretionary spending, fight unfunded federal mandates and unfair labor laws, improve our infrastructure, make South Carolina a leader in energy independence, and promote tourism. You can read our "Putting South Carolina Back to Work" plan at

Andre Bauer

Age | 40

Occupation | Lieutenant governor

Personal | Single

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Answer | I'm already working on it. While the lieutenant governor doesn't officially serve in an economic development capacity, I have taken it upon myself to step in when the governor and other state officials have been unable to engage in job recruitment. I have visited businesses around the country and around the globe, at no expense to taxpayers, reaching out to anyone who will listen about all South Carolina has to offer. And it's starting to pay off.

Nikki Haley

Age | 37

Occupation | Assistant executive director, Lexington Medical Center Foundation

Personal | Married, two children

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Answer | Creating jobs starts with reforming South Carolina's tax code. We need comprehensive tax reform, beginning with the elimination of the small-business income tax. When you give small businesses cash flow, they will create jobs. We also need to prioritize infrastructure so businesses will be attracted to South Carolina. The next governor must focus on developing South Carolina's water, land and sea transportation capabilities. Education is also key to creating jobs. When we improve our schools, we will have a better educated work force.

Henry McMaster

Age | 62

Occupation | S.C. attorney general

Personal | Married; two children

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Answer | My number one priority is job creation. But what we lack is a governor who loves South Carolina and believes in her people. Who understands that with the proper conservative vision and enthusiastic leadership - our state's prospects for the future are bright and unlimited. That's what I'll offer as governor. My plan - called the Path to Prosperity - will grow small business with lower taxes and less regulation. Encourage innovation and recruit high paying jobs. And improve education with choice, accountability and higher standards.