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Animal Tales | All About Sophie

This relaxed girl is Sophie. She is a 4-year-old yellow Lab who allows us to live in her house as long as we give her three or four belly rubs daily.

Sophie started life in Conway and moved to the beach when she was 10 weeks old. Although it may not be apparent from the photo, she loves to walk and run on the beach around five miles a day. She is ever hopeful that she will catch a seagull but would undoubtedly be totally shocked if she ever did.

Everyone loves Sophie and she pretty much returns the sentiment, with one exception. She's not crazy about yapper dogs on the beach and just ignores them, which seems to infuriate them all the more. She kind of puts her nose in the air and walks past them.

They respond with more, louder yapping that Sophie appears not to hear. At that moment she looks up at us and smiles.