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Sure agree with Chris in his "Bear is the New Black" article about hairy chests. Nothing nicer than to snuggle up to a nice hairy chest on a guy. Hairy chested men are uber hot!


I can't write this without offending people but...You know you're wealthy if your charities are PETA, gay rights, and you actually care about the environment. You know you're not in the upper class by a long shot if your charities are child abuse, battered women, victims of crime.

Think about it...Who really has enough money to protect an innocent kitten if the repo man is back for your '95 Corolla...nuff said!


To the friendly liquor store girl: You were right. Just mix that mini with some ice water and it does taste just like sweet tea. Thanks for the best drink ever for the beach!


Hmm...I PONDER THE NOTION WHY MORE TOURISTS DON'T FLOCK TO MYRTLE BEACH? Perhaps it is because of the pathetic effort at food service at most of the area restaurants. Possibly stemming from all the idiots that don't tip when you go out. So when you go out to eat, that person that is handing you a steak and beverage isn't doing it because they are getting paid money from the restaurant. Unless you think $2.15 an hour is generous. Less than current gas per gallon costs, I mind you. Try tipping... yes tipping is where you put extra money on the total bill to include that person that works for it. It's almost modern slavery if you think about it. So anyone that is not tipping is comparable to modern slave driver. One that doesn't feed or provide needed shelter for slaves. You're not helping anyone. You're not American.