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Leave it to the Myrtle Beach tourism bureau to find the silver lining in the oil slick that is ruining the Gulf, WOW! The tourists can come here instead!


The NTSB says Captain Sully could've done a better job landing in the Hudson, since conditions were good, the crew was trained, there were flotation devices aboard, etc. I would like to see THOSE buttholes do what he did, and then critique themselves.


The flood gates may be opening. Should the Supreme Court uphold the motorcycle helmet requirement mandated by the Myrtle Beach City Council, then it begs the question: What's next? Could the city of Surfside Beach mandate that motorcycle trailers are not allowed in their city? Will the city of North Myrtle Beach be able to mandate that side cars are not allowed in their city? Could the city of Conway require that only goggles be worn for eye protection in their city? Will Georgetown County mandate that all bikes are required to have windshields? Where and when will this end if local level government is given the authority to customize state driving requirements? In my opinion, should the Supreme Court uphold the decision - the flood gates will open, precedence will be set, giving all local level decision-makers the latitude to change state driving laws to meet their local preferences. Local elected officials are not state legislators, likewise, should not be given the authority to change statewide driving laws. We can only pray the Supreme Court will send a message that state law must rule over our roads.

- Retired City Council Member from Minnesota, new resident of Garden City, S.C.


In response to the dude who a few weeks ago wrote that all MB women are $ hungry, poor, needy, etc.: Grow up already...

By now you should know that not all women are the same, just like not all men are the same. No matter where they come from.