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Not making fun of any one but more caring about the well being of others, I wish the gyms here would give the females in the area one free month of access and free diet tips and plans. About 90 percent of the single ladies here are extremely overweight. Not fair to the guys who take care of themselves and insurance policy holders whose rates increase due to the demographics.

Remember, living healthy creates healthy relationships.



To the girl in Murrells Inlet Friday night at the club who told me her name on Facebook, which was fake: Hey you just turned down a soon-to-be-millionaire. You blew a once in a lifetime chance from a really cool person. LOL. Now that is funny.


To the lady who wrote about how hard it is to meet guys in bars because she is in a wheelchair: I just wanted to say that I have seen you before and you are a very a beautiful lady. I know some people suggested dating Web sites and some of those sites can be great ways to meet people. There's a free site called and my user name is Carolinabeachman. Feel free to look me up on it because it would my pleasure to go on a date.

I'm always busy and it seems that I don't have much time for a relationship but I've probably been on more real dates than any one here at the beach and I will admit that there are lots of really screwed up girls who have issues and problems here that I only thought existed on a Jerry Springer show. God help them. From the content of your letter in Surge you appear very smart and real. That's something that most of the single ladies here have problems with. Just be yourself and just maybe others will learn as well. We can only hope.


Hey, State of S.C.: Tax the utility trailers already and leave the rest of us alone.