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THE CLUB | Tunnel Ultralounge, Myrtle Beach

THE SOUNDS | Inside Tunnel Ultralounge you'll hear main stream music, including Top 40 and upbeat dance music. The nightclub brings in two national deejays a month for Tunnel Vision on Thursdays. It also has a variety of celebrity-hosted events.

THE SIGHTS | What better to welcome you to Tunnel Ultralounge than, well, a tunnel. In the back of Kono Asian Grill, there's a large tunnel, the gateway into an 8,000-square-foot establishment with Asian-inspired decor that provides an evening of music, dancing and entertainment. Tunnel is essentially a lounge with night club elements. It's one of the few spots along the Grand Strand where you may think you're in a big city instead of li'l ol' Myrtle Beach.

THE DETAILS | Tunnel Ultralounge opens at 10 nightly. Many start the evening in the upstairs lounge, a red and white martini bar complete with couches, high top chairs and a waterfall wall. The lounge atmosphere caters to those who want to relax with a drink and enjoy time chatting with friends. Once people get a few drinks in them and the music starts pumpin', they make their way downstairs to the dance floor. The party goes until 3 a.m., except for Saturdays when you'll have to be out by 2 a.m.

The nightclub is both visually and aurally stimulating. As popular music plays, you can watch synchronized videos on multiple LCD screens throughout the establishment. Colored party lights also catch your eye while white smoke fills the air. The crowded dance floor is non-stop energy. You have your break dancers, booty-shakers, hip-swayers, pop-and-lockers and your not-so-great-but-dancing-anyway-ers. Then you have the occasional I'm-going-to-act-like-I'm-dancing-to-try-to-get-your-number-ers, but I wouldn't consider Tunnel a meat's more of a nice spot to meet those who are on the market.

The typical age of Tunnel-goers appears to be folks in their early 20s, but you'll still find the young at heart in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Age is just a number when you're moving on the dance floor...and for those who love the atmosphere but are hesitant to dance, there are plenty of places to sit.Is seclusion more your style? If so, sky boxes above the dance floor provide privacy and a place to get away from the action while still being able to view the action below. There's also seating in the back next to the dance floor and in a raised section where the deejay spins. Bottle service is offered in the sky boxes, as well as anywhere you can sit.

THE STORY | You may remember the location as Club Icon or Pink (the club where everything was pink) which sat adjacent to the Red Rooster. Sam Lauren, who owns other businesses in Myrtle Beach including SoHo and Sugami Sushi Bar & Grill, bought the building to open several restaurants, including Kono Asian Grill and Kansas City Steakhouse. The unused space next to the restaurants is now Tunnel Ultralounge. MBS Clubs, which owns Tunnel, subleases the space.

THE STYLE | From fashion shows to fashionables, you'll see the hottest styles inside Tunnel Ultralounge. Certain events have models parading down the runway in the latest fashions, and any given night has people strutting their stuff in their trendy threads. The dance floor is a sea of Ed Hardy jeans, T-shirts and button downs. You can expect to see a lot of skin, too, with women in tight dresses and short skirts. Ladies can wear what they please, but there is a dress code for men: No athletic wear, baggy clothing or do-rags. Flip-flops are OK, but watch your toes - the dance floor gets cramped late at night.

SPENDING | As with most nightclubs, party-goers can expect to pay a cover charge. It's ten bucks at the door - or, Tunnel entrance, that is. But good news for locals: It's free for you unless there's a special event. In that case it's $5. Five bucks will also get you a vodka and Red Bull drink. Bud Select is also always on special for $2. In general, liquor drinks will cost you at least $5.50 and domestic beers are $3.50.

SITE | 1901 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach. Call 213-1567 or visit Also look for Tunnel Ultralounge on Facebook and Twitter.

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