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Here is a suggestion for the issue over whether or not the Confederate flag should be on the state capital grounds or not: Let the people of South Carolina vote on the issue this coming November. No politicians or groups should make this decision, it should be the great folks of South Carolina. Then once the final vote is in, the issue needs to be dropped.


I just bought 2.5 million in Iraqi dinars for $2,500 in U.S. money. The dinar was three times the U.S. dollar before the war. With all the oil there and the U.S. dollar declining I bet my thousands turns into millions in U.S. dollars some day. It pays off to work every day in the Seafood buffet!

Buy all the new General Motors stock later this year when it hits the market. You know it will go up. Look at all the new Chevys on the road.


Let's see if this sounds right. NMB guy protests punishment set by NMB Manager to panel selected by NMB Manager. This panel will deliberate and make recommendation to NMB Manager who will then decide whether punishment stands or is amended. WHAT F---king country is this anyway?


To the people angry that shoppers don't put their carts back in the designated areas: Let people leave their carts around, it creates jobs. Stores pay people to go around and collect the carts. We could all start throwing crap around the parking lots, another job could be created then too.

Besides, who are you calling lazy? That person who doesn't push the cart an extra 10 feet, they might have just finished another round of chemo and stopped to do shopping on their way home from the hospital. Who are you to judge without knowing their situation?

So everybody, be lazy and leave a cart around the parking lot, don't push it back, do a service to your country and create a job!


To the douche lord who broke into my boyfriend's car at (a Mexican restaurant) on 501: Dear douche lord, put down the pipe and get an education. KThanksBye!