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Golf tip with Brad Redding: Chipping techniques

The arc

Many golfers think that the chipping stroke is straight back and straight through. As we discussed in putting, all strokes in golf have the club traveling on an arc. Because you have the club shaft steeper at address it wouldn't be a big arc, but it would be an arc. Now understand putting and chipping are different in that the setups are extremely different, and I am using my torso to rotate in the chipping stroke. I do want the club to move inside the target line on the backswing and then back to square at impact and then back inside on the follow through. That would mean the club face opens slightly in the backswing. It squares back up at impact and then closes on the follow through. That is done simply with the turning of the shoulders, torso and arms - not with the hands. I use a board for my students to help them practice this pattern. With the board outside the ball they can see how the club should work.