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At Your Service - Christa Brown

If you’re at the House of Blues, you need to find Al Capone’s former bar and seek out the vivacious redhead. Christa Brown is full of excitement and wants to make your experience at the House of Blues a great one.

Christa moved to Myrtle Beach in 2008 with her husband, Jeff, and their 8-year-old daughter, Chloe. She knew the only place she wanted to work was at the House of Blues. Alongside her husband, also a bartender at the House of Blues, Christa has seen some amazing shows and has met some fantastic people.

“My favorite show so far has been ‘Hollywood Undead,’” says Christa. “They’re a new and up-and-coming band; I’ve seen them four times. They put on an amazing show!”

She is a stickler to the rules, though and if you look under 30, she will card you. “A band member from Sister Hazel sat at my bar and since he didn’t have his I.D., I refused to serve him. He told me he was with the band, but I’ve heard that a thousand times,” she laughs. “I love what I do and having people come in from all over the country for a great experience!”