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Frank Iler | N.C. House District 17 Republican primary incumbent

Name: Frank Iler

Age: 68

Address: 2515 Marsh Hen Drive, Oak Island, NC 28465

Political Affiliation: Republican

Occupation: Retired Businessman; currently Representative, North Carolina General Assembly, District 17, Brunswick County

Family: wife Jacqueline Iler, 2 children, 2 stepchildren, 10 grandchildren

Military Experience: none

Civic and Political Experience: Appointed June 18, 2009, to NC House of Representatives; Past Chairman, Brunswick County Republican Party 2006-2009; Brunswick Community College Board of Trustees; Charter member - S.E. Brunswick Civitan Club 2007; Past N.C. Jaycees state officer - 1970s; Past Republican precinct chairman, vice chair, etc.

Religious: Southport Baptist Church - Sunday School Teacher and Deacon

Education: Bachelors degree in Business from Campbell University; Graduate of Greensboro Sr. High School

What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? The economy, which includes jobs, tax policy, education, and budgeting. I have already helped pass a bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Hill and Rep. Stiller, which increased the job incentives for the Logistics Park on Highway 74 and may bring up to 4000 jobs over 5 years. Taxes on businesses and families must be reduced, more vocational/technical education must be provided, and the state budget must be controlled in order to improve the economy.

What do you consider your best accomplishment in this office? Why? The bill mentioned above was passed with over 100 votes, due to working with Rep. Hill and Sen. Soles, speaking in the Finance Committee and on the House floor, and calling groups in Brunswick County to be sure they supported it. About 1200 jobs for the northern part of the county are due to be available at the Logistics Park very soon. Why? Good jobs are the keys to better lives

How do you gauge the will of the people?I get out among groups and individuals, seek input on issues, and set up networks of people to call on issues when they come up on the floor of the House. I respond to correspondence, meet with mayors and other leaders, and set up meetings between Brunswick County citizens and state leaders when needed to let our local opinions get heard in Raleigh. My three years as party chairman got this started, and this past ten months in the House has expanded it to all facets of our population.