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Bettie Fennell | N.C. Senate District 8 Republican primary candidate

Name: Bettie Fennell


Address:Rocky Point, NC 28457

Occupation:Retired investigative reporter

Family:Married, three children, five grandchildren

Military experience:None

Civic and political experience:Member Burgaw Lions Club, board member of The Carousel Center in Wilmington, member Lower Cape Fear Republican Womens Club, member and former secretary of the 7th Congressional District GOP Executive Committee.


What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? Like other states and the nation, the top issue is the need to stimulate the economy and job creation. I would cut the corporate tax rate so that North Carolina would be more competitive with surrounding states in attracting business and industry. I would also eliminate pork projects and cut other wasteful spending, beginning with the millions of dollars given annually in tuition subsidies to out-of-state athletes. What in your experience has most prepared you for this office? Why? As an investigative reporter for 22 years, I know the issues and am uniquely qualified to ask the right questions when considering bills for introduction and passage. During my career, I uncovered millions of dollars in waste and corruption at the local, state and federal levels. Among the many questions I will ask include whether the bills are constitutional, affordable, necessary and ethical.

How do you gauge the will of the people? While it is impossible to determine how the majority of people feel about an issue, I will encourage people to contact me about their concerns whether it is through traditional methods, such as writing letters, calling on the telephone or via social media, including emails. Holding community meetings is also another way to listen to constituents' concerns. I work for them; they are my boss and I will do everything possible to solicit their opinions.