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Bill Rabon | N.C. Senate District 8 Republican Primary candidate

Name: Bill Rabon

Age: 58

Address: Southport, NC:

Occupation: Veterinarian, 1976 - present; Partner, Brunswick Animal Hospital, 1976 – present; Partner, Southport Animal Hospital, 1984 - present; Partner, Oak Island Animal Hospital, 1996 - present

Family: One son, Will

Military experience: None.

Civic and political experience: Vice-Chair of the Brunswick Community College Board of Trustees; Past Chairman of the North Carolina Navigation Commission and past Chairman of the Brunswick County Board of Health. Served on the Boy Scouts of America Executive Committee, currently serve on Executive Committee of the Cape Fear Council BSA and is a Charter Member of the Southport Rotary Club


What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? Creating jobs is our biggest challenge. I have helped create good jobs for local people for many years at my veterinary clinics and I want to help create many more good jobs as your State Senator. I am committed to keeping taxes low, improving infrastructure and fully funding community colleges to help attract new jobs and keep the ones we have. With so many families hurting, and so many brave veterans coming home from the battlefield, we owe it to them to foster job opportunities in the private sector.

What in your experience has most prepared you for this office? Why? My small business experience has given me an insight into the challenges which small businesspeople face on a daily basis. As a partner in three local animal hospitals, I know how to create good jobs and I will put these job-creation skills to work as a member of the General Assembly.

How do you gauge the will of the people? I will gauge the will of the people by staying in close contact with them. I have been involved in the community for many years and have always listened to what others were saying. As a State Senator, I will stay involved, engaged and available to anyone who has a concern or a need. That’s what public service is all about.