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Harold G. "Butch" Pope | District Attorney District 13 candidate

Name: Harold G. "Butch" Pope

Age: 62

Address: 706 North Madison Street, Whiteville, NC 28472

Political Affiliation: Democratic

Occupation: Lawyer

Family: Married, two daughters, a step-son and step-daughter; and two granddaughters

Military: None

Civic Experience: Member of the Ethics Committee of the North Carolina State Bar; Past-president of the Whiteville Chamber of Commerce and the Columbus Bar; Board member of Mid-Columbus Rescue, Inc. and former volunteer EMT; and member of First Baptist Church.

Political Experience: None

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What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? the old "machine" needs an overhaul. The top issue is the immediate need for much more aggressive prosecution of those who endanger our lives and our property. Too many cases are disposed of by the district attorney's office without taking the cases before a judge or jury. Judges need evidence and we all need strong representation of victims of crime in order for our courts to impose substantial punishment. Repeat offenders, or what I call, "Frequent Flyers", don't deserve repeated probation and repeated suspended sentences. Firm and fair prosecution is what we need. More dangerous criminals need to smell the jailhouse.

What in your experience has most prepared you for this office? The best offense is a good defense. After 26 years of practicing criminal law in Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus Counties, I have learned a great deal about prosecution. Like most defense lawyers, I evaluate a new case by anticipating what the prosecutor will do, how strong the evidence is, the credibility of the witnesses, and the integrity of the forensic evidence and the crime scene information. I want to bring what I have learned in many felony trials including murder and capital murder trials in other districts to our district.

How do you gauge the will of the people? I listen to many people everyday. They share the same frustrations I do. We all want safe communities for our families and our children. Our folks have the impression that our law enforcement is not backed up by the district attorney. I hear the same frustrations from our officers who work up their cases, often under dangerous conditions, only to find out later that the cases have been dismissed or disposed of by the D.A.'s office. One of the duties of the job that I most look forward to is working with our officers. Some of my strongest supporters are deputies, detectives, police officers, troopers and agents that I have worked with over the years. We enjoy a mutual respect. No one appreciates good police work more than I do and I hate to see that work fall between the cracks.