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Linda Moses | Brunswick County Clerk of Court candidate

Name: Linda Moses

Age: 49

Address: 1826 Pintail Avenue Supply, NC 28462

Political affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Family: Divorcee with two adult children and one grandchild

Military experience: None

Civic and political experience: Worked for former Clerk of Court - Greg Bellamy and Diane Morgan, as well as former Sheriff John Carr Davis.

Email/website: Facebook page - Elect Linda Moses Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court

What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? One thing that seems to be a common thread, is that the public is not receiving the services that they are entitled to receive. My approach would be to more hands-on by spending time in each department on a daily basis and also appointing people, for each department, who has demonstrated supervisory skills.

What in your experience has most prepared you for this office? Why? I actually have more experience working in the clerk's office than any of the other three candidates. I have almost 29 years of law enforcement experience and currently manage a federal grant for the Juvenile Justice Program. I handle a majority, roughly 85 percent, of the citizen contacts for my current agency, so customer service is second-nature.

How do you gauge the will of the people? Most citizens have been encouraging and supportive; most have expressed a desire for change.