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Louis Lewis | Brunswick County Sheriff challenger


Age: 74

Address: 237 ocean hwy east supply nc 28462

Political affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: Self Employed, Real Estate Saler, Development

Family: 5 children, 9 grandchildren, 3 great grand children

Military experience:one trip in the army

Civic and political experience: Sunday school superintendent teacher ,working with the youth,support charity and provided for the needed.


What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? Drugs and stealing. Need to look at the problem from the inside before making a decision on how to approach it. I will use all resources to correct it.

What in your experience has most prepared you for this office? Why? I have run a business all my life worked with the public,lifetime experice dealing with all people. I have excepted God as my Savior to lead and guide me in all things.

How do you gauge the will of the people? By listing and talking with themabout their thoughts,And dealing fairley with them without Judgement.