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Rendy Lewis | Brunswick County Sheriff challenger

Name: E. Rendy Lewis

Age: 61

Address: 2684 Ocean Station Road, SW, Supply, N. C. 28462

Political affiliation: Democrat Occupation: retired

Family: widow

Military experience: none

Civic and political experience:1972 Southport Police Dept.-dispatching, 1974 - 2nd female in the State of NC to dispatch for N.C. State Patrol, 1976 - moved home and became Brunswick County's first female Road Deputy (worked for Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept for 13 years), 1989 was appointed Magistrate Judge where I retired in 2007.

Email/website:facebook rendy lewis

What is the top issue in your race and how would you address it? A Sheriff for ALL the people of Brunswick County not just special groups. I believe if you have had a break in, been assaulted and you call for need assistance not someone on the telephone telling you if you get more information call us back. We need better communication with our citizens...we are elected to serve and protect the citizens of Brunswick County. Another one of the top issues is drug dealer and users, we would be able to solve alot of crime before it even happens. What in your experience has most prepared you for this office? Why? My 35 years in Law Enforcement and the Judicial System has given me a view from both sides of the bench....a young Deputy taking prisoners before the Magistrate and then having other young law enforcement officer bring prisoners before me. I learned many things in my 35 years experience, but mostly it is how you treat people. I have always tried my best not to just listen to people but really hear what they are saying.....

How do you gauge the will of the people? the responses I get when I talk to the citizens.