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Golf tip with Brad Redding: Choosing a club to chip with

Choose club wisely

I think that most golfers automatically think that a 7- or 8-iron is used for all chip shots. Unfortunately this leads to a poor chipping technique. With less loft many golfers try to "scoop" the ball into the air. If they do use a proper technique the golf ball will usually fly too low and too far and then roll too much. I am in favor of using a very lofted club and then I am able to deloft the clubface in my setup position. As a general rule I use a sand wedge and a 9-iron. The reason for this is that it makes my club selection easier. For short chip shots I use the sand wedge and for long chip shots I use a 9-iron. The important part you want to remember is that you want to land the ball on the front part of the green and let it roll to the hole.