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Golf tip with Brad Redding

Now set up correctly, you can make a natural arcing motion. What you want to do is keep all the angles you have with your leaning, delofted club, arched left wrist, cupped left wrist, straight arms, forearms facing up and elbows pointing at your hips during your stroke. You will be using your shoulders, trunk and arms to move the club, but you need to keep all the angles you had at address intact. The chipping stroke is different than your full swing and pitching in that your wrists work differently. There is no cocking of your wrists in the backswing and no uncocking in the downswing. There is a slight bending in the backswing to help your wrists set, but there is no wrist bend in the forward swing. You set it and keep it during the entire stroke. To help you do this: place a shaft in the ground on the same angle as your club shaft at address, make sure that it is even with the golf ball and the grip where you are at address, and make some strokes where your club is on the same angle at impact as the club shaft in the ground. You will notice a nice, crisp impact with the ball and a low, short flight of the ball that rolls once it hits the green.