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Gilland misses deadline to pay $45,000 penalty

Horry County Council Chairwoman Liz Gilland did not meet the deadline to pay her penalties issued by the S.C. State Ethics Commission, according to the commission's debtor list.

After Gilland missed a hearing with the commission in July, she was hit with more than $300,000 in fines for failing to correctly file a quarterly campaign finance disclosure form from her 2006 campaign and failing to address the commission's concerns, which were sent in numerous certified letters. The fines continued to accrue interest daily, reaching more than $360,000 before Gilland filed the missing documents in November.

After an appeal in January, Gilland's fine was dropped to $45,000 and she was given 60 days to pay or else a judgment against her for that amount would stand. The fine was one of the largest ever given by the commission.

Gilland had until Wednesday to pay the fine, according to Cathy Hazelwood, deputy director and general counsel for the Ethics Commission. The fine will not revert to the original amount, but if Gilland sells property or conducts a number of other financial transactions, the judgment will be fulfilled through that money, Hazelwood said.

Gilland, who announced that she will not seek re-election this year, said she plans to pay the fine, but the tight deadline was an unrealistic expectation. She has said she is considering holding a concert or fundraiser this summer to help pay some of the penalties. The penalties on the debtor list as well as the judgment in the county's public court records were not updated as of Wednesday to reflect the change in the amount of the penalty or the judgment.