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Animal Tales | All about Fitch

When my wife and I married, we were going to wait before having children, so we wanted a German shepherd. When we visited a litter, Fitch, the runt, ran up to us and picked us out, not vice versa. We named him Fitch, obviously, since our last name is Abercrombie.

Being an outside dog, Fitch was not a barker and if he did bark at night, we knew someone was around who did not live in the neighborhood. One night we were awakened by his growls. I got up and checked outside. Fitch was at the fence facing our front yard, and then a police car slowly turned the corner with its lights off. They got out of the car, went to our neighbor's garage across the street and lifted the garage door. There sat a stolen car with the driver in it. I never have understood why he chose to growl instead of bark.