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Kristy McPherson column: Ready to watch Tiger, then return home for a bit

I have just wrapped up a two-week stop in California, playing last week in San Diego at La Costa and this week the Kraft Nabisco in Palm Springs.

The Kraft is our Masters out here on the LPGA Tour. Last year I had a great tournament there, but it was not the same this year. Boy, is it different teeing off on the back 9 on Sunday as opposed to last year being in the final group and getting to do the best walk in golf walking to the 18th green with fans cheering your name.

But I do have to admit I am kind of glad that another year has passed so I don't have to hear everyone tell me how close I was to getting to jump in the pond. So, besides the golf being average, at best, I cannot wait to get to Augusta, Ga.

Sunday afternoon and Monday morning I experienced my first earthquake, and then my second. Ground shaking, windows rattling and the bed bouncing; I was just happy nothing fell on my head!

And now as I am writing this riding down the road we are driving in 50 mph winds with sand smothering the cars in front of us and the hood of the car flapping with each gust. I'm pretty sure we are about to relive the scene from "Tommy Boy" when this hood flips up and covers the windshield. I just want to make this drive back to San Diego safely and fly to Augusta tomorrow and, along with the rest of the world, spend the rest of my week watching Tiger's every move.

I honestly think that so many guys are deserving of coverage all week at such a prestigious event, but everyone knows we will not miss a single shot of Mr. Woods. But I'm a sucker like everyone else and I will be right there to see what the best player in the game can do on the biggest stage in golf at the start of his "comeback."

I would expect to see him in contention on Sunday and he may even be slipping into yet another green jacket. He is too good of a player and too much of a competitor to not be prepared to post some good numbers out there.

So after I fight the circus to see Tiger in Augusta I will be headed home to Myrtle Beach to play in the Monday After the Masters charity event in North Myrtle Beach. I play in a lot of charity events throughout the year, but this one is really special to me to get to come home and play for the S.C. Junior Golf Association with Hootie and the Blowfish and the rest of the guys there.

So make sure that each of you come out and watch this great event on Monday. I am going to be sure to enjoy my time at home in South Carolina since I will be leaving the following day for Jamaica and will not get the chance to come back for a few months. It's always great to make the trip home, but this is one that I look forward to each year. Hope to see all of you out at the event and I'm sure we can do some Tiger talk. Enjoy the Masters!