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Surfside Beach candidate Q & A

Surfside Beach will host elections Tuesday for three nonpartisan Town Council seats. The Sun News sent questionnaires to all 11 candidates, and eight responded. Here are their replies to the first question on the questionnaire.

Candidates Chad Perrino, E. Shannon Kirk and Scott Anderson did not respond to the questionnaire from The Sun News.

Ann Dodge

Age | 73

Occupation | retired

Military service | N/A

Education | attended Susquehanna University - certificate in Human Services; and Thomas Edison State College

Family | Husband, Tom; three children

Experience | I helped a former council member establish the original Crime Watch program in Surfside Beach, I currently serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals (for the past 3 years). Former chairman of the Beautification Committee. Founding member and chairman of the Concerned Citizens Group of Surfside Beach.

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | As Chairman of the Concerned Citizens Group of Surfside Beach I spoke on various issues important to the group before the council. I didn't seem to get any response and noted that others who spoke before Council did not either. I felt I could actively listen and respond to people. So I decided to try for a council seat.

Rebecca Hiatt

Age | 66

Occupation | retired from RJ Reynolds, presently part-time teacher and a firefighter for Surfside Beach.

Military service | N/A

Education | business degree; Davidson Community College, Forsyth Technical College, Cathedral Bible College, bachelor in theology in ministry and bachelor in counseling; graduate of the municipal institute of government

Family | three adult children

Experience | former member of Surfside Beach Town Council and a graduate of municipal institute of government.

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | I think the town needs a more open government, and my concerns of the $300,000 over budget expenditures of 2009. The town needs to live within its means to keep the taxes low. I have the ability to get to the bottom of issues so that our residents can be fully informed.

William Rempfer

Age | 59

Occupation | Owner of DeFalco's Automotive and an investor

Military service | N/A

Education | Self-educated businessman

Family | wife and 6 children

Experience | Guy Daniels Surf-Off Committee

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | After 20 years of vacationing in Surfside Beach I fell in love with the people and the town. Three years ago I decided to relocate to Surfside and opened DeFalco's Automotive and Towing. After a couple of years in Surfside, I discovered that the town's many stringent policies for building and homeowner improvements are making it harder for residents and business owners to make any changes. This is a hardship for homeowners and businesses that want to improve and make upgrades to their property. Don't get me wrong, we need laws and codes for guidelines and as a business owner in Surfside I feel that I can make a difference and that is why I decided to run. I would like to have this town operate like a business and not like a homeowners association.

Marty Rhoades

Age | 54

Occupation | Service department manager at Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson

Military service | None. Two sons in active duty.

Education | Horry-Georgetown Technical College, associate degree in vocational & technical education

Family | 3 grown sons, all married. 4 grandchildren

Experience | No former political experience.

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | I think like most of us, I didn't aspire to become a politician. I see a need and I feel that I have the ability to fill that need. I feel that some of our elected officials are not representing Surfside Beach's residents or its business at town hall but rather representing town hall's position to us. I want that to change. I care about the people in our town, the future of our town and I feel it is my duty to do everything I can to ensure the town's integrity as well as our rights.

Doug Samples (i)

Age | 56

Occupation | retired; financial/contract/business manager with Navy Department and Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments

Military service | N/A

Education | American University, masters degree, public financial management; California State University-Chico, bachelor of arts, public administration

Family | Married, Julie, for 29 years; one adult daughter

Experience | Elected two terms Surfside Beach Town Council; served on town Stormwater Committee 5 years; serving on Town Underground Wiring Committee, 3 years

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | The town is a great place to live and I want to help see it remains that way. I am honest, trustworthy and have a strong sense of fair play. The town needs to live within its means and operate efficiently while continuing to deliver the quality services we have come to expect.

Jason R. Scully

Age | 33

Occupation | sales manager at East Coast Volkswagen

Military service | N/A

Education | attended Louisiana State University

Family | single

Experience | first time running for office

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | I believe I can help bring some much-needed improvements to Surfside. Over the past five years of living in Surfside Beach I've seen it decline in regards to business growth and am not pleased with the direction of the current town council.

Rod Smith

Age | N/A

Occupation | retired

Military service | N/A

Education | bachelor of science and masters degrees in electrical engineering from the University of South Carolina

Family | Wife, Ann

Experience | Currently on Surfside Beach Planning and Zoning Commission, 3 years; Board of Directors Horry County Solid Waste Authority, 8 years; Staff Parish Committee, Surfside United Methodist Church.

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | I love Surfside Beach, having lived in town for over 11 years. I am a common-sense fiscal conservative and want to keep our taxes low and eliminate wasteful spending. I want to maintain a small town family friendly atmosphere. I want to provide prompt responsive constituent service and will demand clean, honest and sober government.

Randle Stevens

Age | 60

Occupation | businessman, custom home builder, real estate broker, authorized Dish Network representative

Military service | U.S. Navy

Education | University of South Carolina, bachelor of science in management/marketing

Family | wife and daughter

Experience | work with state legislature in 1970s doing research for S.C. Senate transportation and tourism committee.

Q. | Why did you decide to run for office?

A. | The failure of Surfside Beach government to be financially responsible with the taxpayers' money. For example, the new comprehensive parking plan. Failure of the Surfside Beach government to be open and transparent with the citizens of Surfside Beach. The failure of Surfside Beach government to apply its laws and ordinances equally to the government and citizens.