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Animal tales | All about Robin

About 91/2 years ago, Robin the flying squirrel came to live with me.

He was weaned and began to eat nuts, fruits, veggies and grains.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal; therefore, he spent daylight hours sleeping in a "bonding pouch" attached to my inner clothing. He spent his nights playing in my home and jumping and spinning in his cage. At the end of three weeks, he had bonded with me.

Now that he is older, he sleeps more and plays less, but he is still very active. He has certain places in my home where he likes to play or sleep. However, he always goes back to his cage to have his supper and to spend the night.

Robin has traveled with me to Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York City and to the Canadian border.

The family dog Cookie respects Robin's position in my home. He turns his head or leaves the room when Robin is loose in the house.