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Today's stories in the news show how unequal the law is when it concerns people with money. If I was accused of sexual assault, I would be sitting in jail unless I could bail myself out. When it is an NFL QB in question, he isn't "available" for questioning by the police, as his lawyer states to authorities. HAUL HIS ASS IN. Let him go through the same treatment as us mere mortals must submit to. Ah, yes. We are all equal in the eyes of the law, unless we're worth $85 million.


WOW! City Fathers of Myrtle Beach! Hot Rod clubs and car shows this weekend. Figured out a way to drive them out of town yet?


This is for the pseudo-intellectual from "Sociology 101" in the March 11th issue:!

A big word used correctly, but unnecessarily, has the effect of making you sound pedantic. If you have to go get a dictionary to see what "pedantic" means, I have made my point!!

Word choice can serve as a key to one's personality and social situation. When you have to put others down to feel better about yourself, it is apparent that you are a bitter person with low self esteem, and very deep insecurities. It is sad that you have nothing better to do with your time!

Oh, and for the record, it must really suck being a moron.


Great article by Paul Grimshaw on the Mellotron. Paul's insight differs drastically from another music columnist I recently read in your paper. I have thankfully forgotten his name. While offering music choices or iPod picks, this forgettable wad of disposable douche offered this inane insight, which I'll paraphrase: "I would choose Prince's CD over the choices of Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, and Neil Young. Who can understand what they're saying anyway?" Yo, Douche. Stay away from music that men listen to. Get back to your disco dancing. Is it any wonder that many of us have a dim view of what meaningful music is to the people of Myrtle Beach. Rap music and slutty young girls dancing in smelly nightclubs. I guess it's all part of "Hope and Change" on the Grand Strand.


A quick note to the "T & A Show" critic: There's a dial or push button on your radio that allows you to CHANGE THE STATION! If you don't like 'em, DON'T LISTEN!


People who can't leave tips for really great service: Have you ever thought about eating at a fast-food place? One day the right person will beat the pure living hell out of you and you will have deserved it. You will run like the scared little coward you are and be a great embarrassment to your family and friends.


Why doesn't the city of Myrtle Beach have public transportation - like other big resorts - that runs until 3 or 4 a.m.? The cabs are way too expensive here from the bars and clubs. What does the city do with all of their tax money? I want an investigation. Think city council is putting a big wad in their pocket?


I am so damn angry at this ESPN reporter who interviewed Tiger Woods yesterday! He's supposed to be a sports reporter and I believe he only asked one sport question to him the whole five minutes he interviewed him. Leave the guy alone - after all he is human and will make mistakes. His life outside of golf is not anyone's f****** business. Leave him alone and let him play. We all know how amazing he is and how much the sport of golf needs him to come back. So Mr. ESPN Reporter, stick to doing your job, which is reporting sports not trying to write a soap opera, ass***!