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Animal Tales | All About Gray

My cat Gray is quite a character. She just showed up on my porch one morning when she was just a kitten. She soon became the "neighborhood cat," dividing her time between four different residences.

When the summer months ended and it was time for me to head back to Ohio to teach school, I couldn't imagine her here without me - or me without her - so I packed her up and took her home. Without hesitation she jumped in the car and we headed north. She enjoyed the ride and still likes her daily "car ride," which is kind of unusual for cats, but then again she does a lot of things that are unusual for cats, like walking on a leash and playing in water. Gray even likes to have a bath!

Whenever we're in Ohio, we visit my mom, a nursing home resident, and the other patients love to play with Gray. Gray has a way of making them happy, whether it be rubbing their leg or singing, and I know she enjoys all the attention, as well. She seems to be able to sense when people need to be cheered up, so she's always a big hit when we visit. I love having Gray because there's never a dull moment at our house.