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So, you have been publishing rages against homosexuals, citizens of Myrtle Beach and your staff but could not publish my rage I submitted several weeks ago that said "Why are Tommy & Abbi on the radio? They have nothing to say." What, were you afraid you would hurt their feelings?


Hey Mr. Sociology 101: Let me guess, you just moved from New Jersey and completed your first semester at CCU in basic origami. Take your left wing liberal ass back to the soon-to-go-bankrupt states of the North and praise your socialist leaders Harry, Nancy and Barry on the way. When the power goes out and the food stops coming? Maybe our coal-using power plants will still work. Kinda like the "lack" of culture here. Oh, by the way, I am from up North, you phony dumbass.


Just a quick note to the pseudo intellectual who sent in that wordy commentary last edition: Blow it out your ass!


What, no love for canines anymore? After not being allowed into the downtown St. Patrick's Day festival on Saturday with my dog, we got another smack on the nose on Sunday. A popular spot on the Intracoastal which holds outdoor concerts every Sunday, made an announcement that this would be the last Sunday where dogs are allowed to attend. They cited insurance regulations as the reason for the ban. I wonder why the small children running around the bar are not considered a liability?


I like all people but why is it that gay guys are scared of casinos? You never see gay guys in a casino, maybe because the games are the center of attention and it would be too much drama to lose money. Just look the next time you visit one.


I just moved here from Atlanta. Why is that most girls you try to talk with here seem to have very poor social skills and just make stupid decisions?